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Preview Arlanda vs Carlstad

09 JUL 2013 17:50
After a loss to our loved-n-hated rival Uppsala we gonna head up to meet the best team in Sweden. Carlstad has been the team to beat, the measure of excellence, as long as I have been in Arlanda and coached in Superseries since 2008.
They have the best OL and best DL (just my opinion) in Sweden. So it is the greatest measure where to aim to for our young players.
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It has been a tough season, but our players have not given up once, they have played with heart and attitude. They are playing for the future,

and anyone who understands anything of football, saw that we played better against Uppsala, that beat TRC week before, than we have played before.

We got some injuries, but the young team is fighting game after game.


Playing Carlstad is always great, they play tuff hard nose football. How much they spread their offence out it comes always down to what happens in O-Line.

To play them you better be solid in defence and not to do mistakes. They have quality on every position.


On defence it has been hard to run against them. I hope I learned enough from my good friend and “offensive” mentor BD, that we are solid enough in offence to give then a fight.


Coach Walker and KP showed that any given saturday, anything is possible. We gonna travel to Swedens sunny city to give a fight.

We gonna play exactly as Carlstad knows we will, “never give up!”


We are building on future. 2013 Jets is young fighting team that is gonna show up on the field. Kids are gonna show to “football media”, that we are not a boring team, and we are not folding in anytime soon.

We are not aiming to Final, or even playoffs. We are playing game at the time and building on 2014-15.


Ville Korhonen

Head coach

Arlanda Jets 2013

Skribent: Ville Korhonen



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